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All users should be dignified in their use of words when posting problems or giving advice to others. Racial, profane, vulgar, or degrading comments will not be tolerated and your content will be removed and you may be banned from the site.

By registering on this site you accept that AgonyAunt has the right to archive and make available all chat logs to all registered users of the site as your problem may be similar to problems being experienced by others. As a registered user, you will have the option of making your chat conversation private during the time you are engaged in a chat room with a AgonyAunt.

Please note all chat sessions are recorded and archived. Some of the reasons we do this are:
  • So that members may refer back to discussions.
  • As a source of material for our staff to train and be much better at what they do.
  • As a means of shy people with problems, joining in or observing other people discussing their problems and hence indirectly getting advise about their similar problems.

Our website (, its owners, its staff, its presence provider and all persons and businesses affiliated with this website are not liable for any damages resulting from use of this website, links posted, advice given or meeting people through it.

By viewing information on our pages, applying advice or tips to your own life or the lives of others, or logging into this site or contacting any person registered on this site, you acknowledge this and agree to hold this site, its owners, its website host, and any other persons and businesses affiliated with this site blameless for any damages that may result from your use of the site.

Users are warned to be careful when giving out personal information such as real names, telephone numbers, and addresses of yourself or others.

Our website is ONLY intended for people who are in need of help and advise by talking to our experienced counsellors otherwise known as agonyaunts.

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